The Death of Maria Chavarria: One Man's Journey from Doctor to Damnation
John G. Deaton, MD

John G. Deaton, MD, author of John G Deaton
The Death of Maria Chavarria: One Man's Journey from Doctor to Damnation

John G. Deaton, MD:
Dr. Deaton was born in Houston in 1939 and grew up in a small town in Northeast Texas. Graduating from UT-Austin (BA with High Honors) in 1961, and from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston in 1963 (MD with High Honors), he did his internship at Memorial Hospital, Corpus Christi, Texas, and returned to UTMB in 1964 for training in Internal Medicine. He was board-certified in that specialty in 1970 and left clinical medicine in 1971. He is a retired Senior Lecturer from UT-Austin.

Career Stops

  • Internship (rotating): 1963—1964, Memorial Hospital, Corpus Christi, Texas
  • Internal Medicine residency: 1964—1966, UTMB, Galveston 
  • Fellowship in Hematology Research: 1966—1967, UTMB, Galveston
  • Fellowship in Immunology, 1969—1970, Laboratory of Dr. Fritz Bach, University of Wisconsin at Madison 
  • Captain, USAF, Medical Corps, 1967—1968, 12th USAF Hospital, Cam Ranh Bay, Republic of Vietnam
  • Captain, USAF, 1968—1969, Mather AFB, Sacramento, California
  • Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin, 1972—1973
  • Visiting Lecturer, Lecturer, and Senior Lecturer, University of Texas at Austin, 1973, 1976—1977, 1985—1998  
  • Contributing Editor, Consultant, 1973—1985
  • Contributing Editor, Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine, 1981—1983
  • Freelance Editor, The Female Patient, 1982—1986   

Selected Publications

  • J.G. Deaton, T. Gretzinger, A.O. Manske, and J. Neal: Kerosene Poisoning—A  Preliminary Report. Texas Reports on Biology and Medicine: 20, 47—52, 1962. 
  • J.G. Deaton and W.C. Levin: Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Acute Myeloblastic Leukemia. Archives of Internal Medicine: 120, 345—348, 1967.
  • CPT John G. Deaton: Febrile Illnesses in the Tropics (Vietnam). Military Medicine: 134, 1403—1408, 1969. (This article was the featured source of an Editorial in the Journal of the American Medical Association: Tropical Fever of Unknown Origin in Vietnam, JAMA: 211, 1690—1691, 1970.)
  • John G. Deaton: Fatal Pulmonary Edema as a Complication of Acute Falciparum Malaria. The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene: 19, 196—201, 1970. 
  • J.G. Deaton and F.H. Bach: Prolongation of Skin Allograft Survival in Lymphocyte-depleted Mice. Transplantation: 9, 597—599, 1970.
  • J.G. Deaton: Thoracic Duct Lymph Drainage in the Mouse: a Technique for  Producing Lymphocyte-Depleted Animals. Lymphology:5, 115—120, 1972.

Previous Books and Credits by Dr. Deaton include:

  • New Parts for Old, The Age of Organ Transplants(Foreword by Willem J. Kolff, MD, PhD), Palisade, NJ: Franklin Publishing Company: 1974.
  • The Best of Texas Monthly, ("Physician, Heal Thyself," Texas Monthly, 1976, p. 112), Texas Monthly Press, 1978.
  • Woman's Day Book of Family Medical Questions(with Elizabeth Jean Pascoe; Medical Editor, Philip R. Alper, MD), NY: Random House, 1979.
  • Principles of Anatomy and Physiology, Sixth Ed., Gerard J. Tortora, et al, New York, Harper & Row, 1990. (Medical Tests, Clinical Applications, and Disorders reviewed by John G. Deaton, MD, credited on title page).
  • Two Hands Full of Sunshine (Volumes 1 & 2), An Epic about ChildrenTrapped in the Holocaust, New York and Bloomington: iUniverse, 2009


  • Award of the Order of Aesculapius, UT-Austin, 1959
  • Phi Beta Kappa, UT-Austin, 1961
  • McLaughlin Fellowship, UTMB, 1961
  • Alpha Omega Alpha, UTMB, 1963
  • Merck Manual Award, Honors Convocation, UTMB, 1963
  • National Defense Service Medal, 1967
  • Vietnam Service Medal, 1967
  • Republic of Vietnam Commendation Medal, 1968
  • United States Air Force Commendation Medal, 1968
  • United States Air Force Outstanding Unit Award— President's Outstanding Unit Award—for 12th USAF Hospital's performance during the Tet Offensive of 1968

  • Honorable Mention, Hospital Physicianwriting awards, 1967, 1970
  • Second Prize, Hospital Physician writing awards, 1971 
  • Certificate of Appreciation, the National Association for Retarded Citizens, October 15, 1977, for "Jennie," article in Texas Monthly
  • Co-winner, Anson Jones Award for Excellence in Communicating Health Information to the Public, Texas Medical Association, 1978

  • Natural Sciences Council Teaching Award, UT-Austin, 1989
  • Listing as (one of) the "Best" at UT-Austin, Utmost Magazine, 1990
  • Texas Excellence Teaching Award, 1991—1992
  • Natural Science Advisory Council Teaching Excellence Award,  Outstanding Professor in the College of Natural Sciences (Runner-Up), 1992 

Other Books by John G. Deaton

  • Markets for the Medical Author, St. Louis, Warren H. Green, 1971
  • A Medical Doctor's Guide to Youth, Health, and Longevity, West Nyack, New York, Parker Publishing Company, 1977.
  • Below the Belt, A Book About the Pelvic Organs, Palisade, NJ, Franklin Publishing Company, 1978.
  • Love and Sex in Marriage, a Medical Doctor's Guide to the Sensual Union, West Nyack, New York, Parker Publishing Company, 1978.

Other Peer-Reviewed Research Papers

  • J.G. Deaton, H. Skaggs, and W.C. Levin: Acute hemolytic anemia complicating infectious mononucleosis: Texas Reports on Biology and Medicine 25:309—317, 1967.
  • J. G. Deaton and C. St. John: Spuriously low total leukocyte counts in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Texas Reports on Biology and Medicine 27: 763—767, 1969.
  • J.G. Deaton: Lymphocyte depletion in the induction of chimerism in  Mice. RES: Journal of the Reticuloendothelial Society 13:161—165, 1973.
  • J.G. Deaton and L.O. Mendoza: Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome in a 23-year-old man. Archives of Internal Medicine 132:422—425, 1973.
  • J.G. Deaton: The mortality rate and causes of death among institutionalized Down syndrome patients in Texas. Journal of Mental Deficiency Research 17:117—141, 1973.

Other Publications

  • Deaton, John G.: That crock in 714 may be listening. Hospital Physician, September, 1967, pp. 56—58.
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Published Letters:

  • Deaton, John G. The Annals: To rip or to bind. Annals of Internal Medicine 71:212, 1969.
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Miscellaneous Writings:

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  • Deaton, JG: "In Honor of Hubbs (On the retirement of Clark Hubbs)," Zoology Journal (University of Texas Austin), XI, Fall, 1993, pp. 8—9.
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     Love in star QB." The Dallas Morning News, Commentary, Guest
     Column, p. 2C, December 26, 2010.
  • Deaton, Dr. John G: “Victory or Death: The Immortal Travis Letter of February 24, 1836—‘To the People of Texas & all Americans in the World.’” The Alamo Journal 167, December, 2012, pp. 8–11.